Goochland Republican Women


Organize involvement of Republican Women in Goochland County in the political process of the County, State and the Nation, and advance the power of women through access and participation.

    *  Monthly Member Meetings and Speakers

    *  Public Policy Education and Information

    *  Republican Candidate Support

    *  Community Service

    *  Social Networking


GRW Club Goals

    *  Grow Membership 

    *  GRW Website expand

    *  Raise the profile of GRW in Goochland County

    *  Increase opportunities for member involvement

    *  Annual Fundraising Activity


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House passes ‘Tiger King’ bill to outlaw private ownership of big cats
A bill passed by the US House of Representatives would outlaw private ownership of big cats — potentially preventing any new “Tiger King” successors from emerging.

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Appeals court OKs Trump taking military money for border wall
A federal appeals court ruled Friday that a lower court was wrong to bar the Trump administration from taking $3.6 billion from military construction projects for a border wall.

Sat, 05 Dec 2020 13:49:13 GMT

GOP anticipation builds ahead of Trump's Georgia rally
GOP anticipation and trepidation over Trump’s Georgia Senate runoffs rally.

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Los Angeles would lose nearly 1,000 police jobs under budget proposal
A new budget proposal in Los Angeles issued Friday would cut more than 1,800 city jobs -- including 951 police jobs -- amid a $600 million budget shortfall, according to a report.

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LIVE UPDATES: Nevada GOP to appeal ruling after judge dismisses election lawsuit
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